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Our landscape & property services for Tamworth and surrounds


● Mowing or slashing of anything from tiny lawns to large playing fields, parks and paddocks
● Residential, commercial, industrial and government contracts
● Trimming, whipper-snipping, edging, brush-cutting
● Top-dressing, fertilizing and watering of patchy or sick lawns
● Aerating, spraying & weed control
● Complete lawn care packages


● Planting or transplanting hedges, shrubs, trees, flowers etc.
● Garden design, edging, walls and landscapes
● Weeding & herbicide spraying
● Fertilizing, watering, digging, soil improvement
● Spreading mulch, bark chip and gravel for good moisture retention
● Improving soil with compost, sandy loam, gypsum clay breaker etc.

Trees & Hedges

● Hedge trimming and pruning
● Planting or transplanting of all sorts of trees, shrubs & hedges
● Branch removal, tree felling, pruning and trimming
● Chainsawing, removal of fallen trees & debris
● Firewood cutting, chopping, stacking and delivery


● New gardens, edges, landscapes
● Paving (large and small pavers of any shape, laid in radial, herringbone, stretcher bond, stack bond and basket weave patterns)
● Retaining walls (sandstone, concrete sleepers, pine logs, pine sleepers, masonry blocks, bricks, besser blocks)
● Steps, paths, decorations, features, water features, pots, rockeries, fountains
● Decorative gravels, pebbles, rocks and boulders
● Synthetic turf, artificial lawns

See our landscaping website.


● Turf laying, new lawns, artificial lawns, synthetic turf
● Quality turf varieties: Soft-leaf Buffalo (Sir Walter etc.), Kikuyu, Couch, RTF Fescue, Zoysia (Sir Grange, Platinum etc.)
● Soil improvement, soil pH testing
● Rotary hoeing, levelling, compacting, soil spreading


● Irrigation installation or repair
● Irrigation systems for lawns, gardens, trees, hedges small and large areas
● Pop-up sprinkler systems laid under surface
● Drip lines, soaker hoses, micro sprays, sprinklers above ground
● Trench digging in gardens, prepared soil, established lawns
● Pumps, solenoid valves, control systems, pressure reducers


● Fence installation, new fences
● Fence repair, panel replacement, re-straining wire, straightening posts and pickets
● Rural livestock fencing, pest exclusion fences, pet enclosures, galvanised farm gates, decorative gates
● Chain mesh (chain link), weld mesh, security fences and gates
● Colorbond, picket fences, decorative, post and rail, gates of all shapes and sizes

And lots more...

● Garden clean-ups and makeovers
● Cleaning gutters, roofs, drives and pathways
● Pressure cleaning (water blasting)
● Removal of organic waste & rubbish (concrete, bricks etc.)
● Gutter and roof cleaning
● Repairing holes in walls and all sorts of handyman & odd jobs

These are just a couple of the things we can do for you! If you have a specific job that needs doing, let us know and it is more than likely we can do it. Please Contact us today for a free quote. We would love to help!

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